Cancun is one of the most visited LGBT destinations in Latin America and only the second place in Mexico after Mexico City. Cancun has a great night live full of 1st class gay friendly discos just in the centre of the hotel zone. There are a number of Gay venues just in the centre of the downtown area. Easy to reach with public transport of taxi. All the venues are at, or near, the City hall at the Avenida Tulum, just leaving the hotel zone. Night live starts late in the gay venues.

We also have 100 % gay tours in the area of Cancun , Playa del Carmen , Riviera Maya and its surroundings, do not forget that our private tours are made with certified guides tursiticos and members of the LGBT community.

Cancun gay friendly offers information cancun gay bars  , as well as gay and gay friendly places .


La Rinconera gay bar
Come to Visit RINCONERA our new option in CANCUN Downtow to enjoy Drinks, Snacks, Board Games and Arcade Games.

Wifi and Smoking área Available
Beer just $10 from 19:00 to 21:00 Hrs and a special Promotion every Day in Snack!
Yaxchilan Av. and Jazmin
Next block to Hotel Xbalamque
Wednesday to Sunday 19:00 to 2:00 Hrs

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Once Once Gay Club
The most exclusive and safe club flor Gay Community in Mexican Southeast Open fridays and saturdays from 22:30 to 6:30 Hrs

FRIDAYS OPEN BAR $150 Including Rum, Vodka, Tequila, Beer, Juices and sodas, till 4:00 or Bring your favorite Bottle with you, with no charge and we put the sodas. SATURDAY COVER $100 a Diferent Theme Party and Promotions in Drinks Every Week, Drag Show and the Best Gogo Boys. Wifi and Smoking área Available Two diferent zones with CIRCUIT and POP music Área VIP at Circuit Zone Taxi service Available

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Regina´s Gay Club
Join us this Friday and Saturday starting 11pm With the best party and the best gay scene in Cancun.

Show performance Gogo dancers Open Bar $ 220 Includes: rum , vodka , tequila, whiskey shots, Celebrate your birthday with us and Get :Bottle of sparkling wine, round of shots, flamed ice cake ,Gogos , visual show and the best service . Av . Tulum # 53 seconds floor Information and reservations whtas app 9981648974

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Coco Bongo
Best nightlife of Cancun is on this tour! Coco Bongo in Cancun you will have fun like never witnessing shows starring dancers and acrobats who imitate famous artists and films. Get ready to vibrate with exotic movements Beyoncé, the legendary Michael Jackson songs , fantastic acrobatics of Spider Man, Usher adrenaline and the haunting sound of the Beatles , to name a few.


Considered the best nightclub in Cancun, Coco Bongo is waiting to pamper you with open bar and the lively staff. Find out why Billboard , ABC News, Rolling Stone, MTV , Discovery Channel and Playboy recommend to all tourists who choose to vacation in the number one tourist destination in Mexico .


Spa Xmahan Nah
Gay Bars Cancun

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La Habichuela DownTwon

The fame acquired by this restaurant has not solely been for its atmosphere. The superb cuisine and service, the menu composed of original and personal creations, emphasizing on Caribbean seafood, Mexican cuisine and excellent top choice cuts of beef are part of La Habichuela’s success. All of this, along with the courteous and professional service where every detail is taken care of, are the reasons, why, not having visited La Habichuela is like never having been in Cancun.

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A nice place hidden among the green foliage of a botanical garden.Perfect place for a magic evening in a open and relaxed ambiance, that connect us with the nature. Counting with an overlooking to a dolphinarium and the magnificant Nichupte lagoon, that delights us with beautiful sunsets.

The restaurant has palm shelters or palapas, with an ambiente of tables, living rooms or lounges. There the exquisite thai food prepared by our Bangkok born, Chef Supoj Thamtino, is enjoyed.

Eating style is share differrent dishes, served at the same time; but if is in the art of mixing, when the chemestry of exquisite flavors arises.

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The authentic tradition of Italian gastronomy is the hand-made pasta. Only the strenght of a man is needed, over a wooden table, with a rolling pin and knife. The result of this devoted and exhausting work is pasta of unequaled quality.


Dinner at Cenacolo is not only a gastronomic experience but a cultural journey where modern Italian philosophy is reflected in every little detail. This can be seen , felt and experienced . By taste you can feel the connection between the vibrations of the earth and hands that have the knowledge capable of transforming natural products into delicious dishes. This ancient knowledge learned and developed over time is indeed the great contribution of this noble cuisine.

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Luxury Avenue

An innovating concept where fashion, art and creativity come together… a space that Luxury Avenue Cancún dedicates to highlight the best of fashion design in Mexico and Latin America. The Concept Store sets trends with its one of a kind products and contains novelty pieces, exclusive designs and limited editions of the highest quality. A careful selection prêt-à-porter by recognized designers, accessories made by well-established Latin American brands, and new proposals by emerging artists.


Discover the most outstanding designers, who they are, what they think and their most representative designs. Find them at the Luxury Avenue Concept Store.

Get inspired by the collections and unique designs of both Mexican and international artists. Dare to feel the elegance and let your emotions guide you. The Luxury Avenue Concept Store gathers Mexican and Latin American icons of fashion and reveals their most recent collections to you.

David Salomón, Lydia Lavín, Vero Díaz, Pink Magnolia, Erica Flores, Pepa Pombo, Atelier Folk, Llena Eres de Gracia.

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La Isla Mall

This unique project provides a unique experience with its open areas, navigable waterways and the most prestigious boutiques.

La Isla Shopping Village Cancun has the best mix of local spins in 162: major international brands, national and regional restaurants and entertainment. Winner ICSC is the most visited mall in the hotel zone of Cancun and the most international recognition in our country.

This entertainment is guaranteed with the largest interactive aquarium and novelty of the country, offers swimming with dolphins and sharks, family entertainment center, games of skill, boat ride through their channels. It has brands such as: Liverpool, The Boutique Palace, Ultrafemme, Zara, Benetton, Thai, Starbucks, Italianni’s, Massimo Dutti, among others.

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Plaza Americas Downtwon

This shopping mall, which is by the way the biggest in the whole of Quintana Roo State is in downtown Cancun. It can be easily reach with taxi, car or public transport (bus 27 from the hotel zone). The plaza is just 1,5 km south of the main entrance road to the hotel zone between Avenida Bonampak and Avenida Tulum. All the mayor Mexican retail shops together with a lot of boutique shops, restaurants and cinemas can be find here. A great shopping place to spend some time, with prices less expensive than in the malls in the hotel zone




Cancun has no official gay beach although Playa Delfines is considered the unofficial gay beach in Cancun. It’s very popular for singles and couples, especially during the weekend. In Playa Delfines, you will find many LGBT travellers sunbathing and relaxing with a cold beer. The main gay part of the beach is just south of the Iberostar hotel. Playa Delfines is located on the southern part of the hotel zone. It’s the highest point of the hotel zone and the only part were no hotels are build. You can find it at Km 20, just across the “Ruinas del Rey”. Playa Delfines can be reach by public transport, taxi or cars (parking space available)


There are several other public beaches at the hotel zone:

All the public local beaches can be easily reach by public busses or taxi, Be aware that not all the public beaches have parking space


Cancun’s Northside Beaches
These beaches are located on the north side of the 7-shaped island of Cancun.  North side beaches are protected from the open ocean by Isla Mujeres.  They all have tranquil water and are generally safe for swimmers of all ages.


Playa Las Perlas – Pearl Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 2.5
The first public beach if you go towards the hotel zone from down town Cancun.. Normally there are almost no waves there, making it safe for younger swimmers. There are several large and beautiful homes close to this beach. Because of its protected western location the water at this beach is not the magical turquoise colour of the beaches further east.


Playa Linda – Pretty Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 4
This beach is located just west of the Puente Nichupte, which is the bridge on the north side. Playa Linda is not one of Cancun’s finer beaches, and does not live up to it’s name. .  There are kayak and jet ski rentals available on the beach at Playa Linda.


Playa Langosta – Lobster Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 5
This beach is located near the the big Mexican flag and the Casa Maya Hotel, midway along the northside of the island. The Playa Langosta beach is popular with locals.  Playa Langosta is also the dock for Dolphin Discovery and for one of many Isla Mujeres Ferries.  The water at this beach is tranquil and is generally safe for children


Playa Tortugas – Turtle Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 6.5
This beach is located between the big Mexican flag and the heart of the Hotel Zone.
Playa Tortugas has deeper water and better “grown-up” swimming than most other beaches along the north side.  But it still has plenty of shallow areas for children.  The water at this beach is a deep turquoise colour.  There is a dock with a ferry to Isla Mujeres and an indoor craft and flea market.  There are several restaurants where cold beer can be happily consumed beach-side.  This beach is quite popular with locals on weekends.


Playa Caracol – Snail Beach

 Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 9
This beach is located near Plaza Caracol and the Xcaret dock, close to the heart of the Hotel Zone. Playa Caracol has clear blue tranquil water. If this beach is crowded a short stroll west, to the left, will bring you to a lovely and less crowded beach.  There are many water sport rentals along the beach to the west of Playa Caracol.


Cancun’s Eastside  Beaches

Beaches on the east side of Cancun’s 7-shaped island face the beautiful Caribbean Sea.  They generally have much bigger waves than on the northern side. Please observe the colour of the flags which indicates the safety of swimming, The sea here has the rich turquoise blue colour.  If you stay in a hotel on the east side be sure to get up (or stay up) to watch the sunrise over the Caribbean; Cancun is blessed with perfect sunrises.


Playa Gaviota Azul – Blue Seagull Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 9.5
This beach is located near Plaza Forum and The City Beach Club. It is close to the heart of the Hotel Zone. There is no public parking for this beach. Playa Gaviota Azul is that lovely turquoise color that everyone loves.


Playa Chac Mool – Chac Mool Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 10
This beach is located across from Señor Frog’s, just south of the busy heart of the Hotel Zone.  There is no parking lot for this beach. Playa Chac Mool is lovely, the water is a deep turquoise color and the waves are quite fun.


Playa Marlín – Marlin Beach

Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 13
This beach is located near the Carisma Courts and the Tucancun Hotel, behind Plaza Kukulcán.The water is always a lovely deep turquoise and good swimmers enjoy playing in the waves there. There are kilometers of great beach in either direction so if you find the beach at Playa Marlin to be crowded just take a little walk and find your spot. Access to this beach is behind Plaza Kukulcán.


Playa Ballenas – Whale Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 14.5
This beach is located just north of the Cancun Palace Hotel and just south of Le Meridien Hotel, parking and beach access are off of Calle Ballenas. Playa Ballenas is a superb beach with spectacular turquoise water and fun waves.  Jet ski rentals and parasailing are available there.


Playa Delfines – Dolphin Beach

See Above. The northern part of the beach is the unofficial gay beach 


Playa Punta Nizuc – Point Nizuc Beach

Location: Hotel Zone – Boulevard Kukulcán – km 24
This beach is located at the southern tip of the 7-shaped island of Cancun’s Hotel Zone, close to the Nizuc waterpark. Playa Punta Nizuc is located away from the crowds and the hotels, near the Parque Nizuc Water Park. It’s location around the corner of the southern tip of the 7-shaped island means that the water there is placid and has almost no waves. Unlike most of the beaches in Cancun, the beach at Playa Punta Nizuc is bordered by jungle rather than hotels. Parking is plentiful and access to this beach is easy.


El Rey archaeological site

This pre-colonial Mayan City is now inhabited by hundreds of iguanas which have made the spectacular ruins of this ancient Mayan city, right in the heart of Cancun’s hotel z0ne their home.


The El Rey ruins are all that remains of an ancient Mayan city, abandoned following the arrival of the Spanish settlers. As you explore the 47 stone structures and let your imagination fill in the details and colour of ancient Mayan life. Climb to the top of the highest structure to find a Mayan temple and the burial site of an important Mayan figure.
Some of the stone walls are still adorned with ancient paintings. While the murals have deteriorated with time, it is still possible to make out images resembling kings and other significant members of the community. While not as grand as other Mayan cities, El Rey is still highly atmospheric and offers an accessible introduction to the original inhabitants of Cancun.
El Rey Ruins are located at KM 20 along Cancun’s hotel zone at the lagoon side. The ruins are just across from Playa Delfines. They are best reached by bus or taxi, and paid parking is available in the hotel district. Entrance to the ruins is available daily for a very small fee,

Opening hours: Daily from 8 am to 5 pm.


San Miguelito Archaeological Site:


Just beside the new Mundo Maya Museum. After visiting the museum ( the entrance fee is for the museum and the ruins), go back down to the ground level and follow the path that leads to the San Miguelito archaeological site. This is considered a small site, but it’s certainly a pleasant surprise to find this green oasis of 1000 square meters of jungle with meandering paths leading to a variety of ancient structures in the middle of Cancun’s hotel zone. The Maya inhabited the site over 800 years ago until the arrival of the Spanish conquistadors (roughly 1250 to 1550 A.C.). The site contains some 40 structures, of which five are open to the public, the largest being a pyramid of 26 feet in height. San Miguelito’s ideal location, on the coast of the Caribbean Sea and near the Nichupté Lagoon, facilitated its residents’ involvement in the ancient Mayan system of trade, and allowed them to make use of routes around the lagoons, reefs and mangroves.
Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. Closed Mondays.


Museo Maya Cancun

Visitors to the popular resort area of Cancun are mostly looking for fun in the sun on Cancun’s beautiful beaches, but many will be pleased to know that during their visit they can also learn about the ancient Mayan civilization that developed in the area. Opened to the public in November 2012, the Maya Museum is located in the heart of the Cancun hotel zone. Besides a museum, there is an archaeological site, called San Miguelito, on the same grounds (which stretch over 85,000 square meters).

About the Museum and Exhibits:
The museum is housed in a modern white building with large windows which was designed by Mexican architect Alberto García Lascurain. Three white columns made of delicate leafy patterns representing the vegetation of the area sit in a fountain at the entrance to the museum. These were designed by Jan Hendrix, a Dutch-born artist who has lived and worked in Mexico for over thirty years.
On the ground floor of the museum you’ll find the ticket booth and bag check area; you’ll be asked to leave any large bags as they’re not permitted inside the museum. There is a cafeteria on this level also, and gardens with paths leading to the archaeological site.
The exhibition halls are located on the second floor, accessed via elevator (the museum is wheelchair accessible). They are elevated to 30 feet above sea level to protect the collection in case of flooding. There are three exhibition halls, two of which are permanent and one which is used for temporary exhibits. The museum’s complete collection contains over 3500 pieces, but only about a tenth of the collection is currently on display (some 320 pieces).
The first hall is dedicated to the archaeology of the State of Quintana Roo, and presented in roughly chronological order. One of the most notable aspects of the collection is found here, the skeletal remains of La Mujer de las Palmas (“The Woman of the Palms”) and a replica of the context in which they were discovered. She is believed to have lived in the area some 10,000 to 12,000 years ago and her remains were found in the Las Palmas cenote near Tulum in 2002.
The second hall is dedicated to Mayan culture as a whole and includes pieces found in other areas of Mexico: besides Quintana Roo, the Maya World encompassed the present-day Mexican states of Chiapas, Tabasco, Campeche and Yucatan, and stretched into Guatemala, Belize, El Salvador and part of Honduras.
The Museo Maya de Cancun is located at Km 16.5 in the Hotel Zone. It is easily accessible by taxi or public bus from anywhere in the hotel zone.


Address: Boulevard Kukulkan Km 16.5, Hotel zone.
Admission: Entrance to the museum is 65 pesos (dollars are not accepted), and includes admission to the San Miguelito archaeological site.
Opening hours: Tuesday through Sunday from 9 am to 6 pm. Closed Mondays.


Interactive Aquarium

Swim with sharks, kiss a sea lion and hand-feed, or dive in with, a pod of dolphins at one of Mexico’s premier aquariums.
Acuario Interactivo, in the heart of Cancun, offers a range of hands-on activities, both inside and out. Located within the popular La Isla shopping center, the aquarium is known for its engaging activities, setting it apart from most traditional aquariums. The Interactive Aquarium of Cancun is an adventure the whole family can enjoy, whether you wish to get wet or not.
Begin your visit at the Interactive Aquarium with a walk through the exhibition tanks. Get up-close with rays, eels and clown fish as you explore the aquarium’s 13 tanks. Each tank is designed to replicate the natural environments of the species that live within them, and together they hold almost 28,000 gallons (106 cubic meters) of water. See the fish that are unique to the local coral reef, such as the piranha, as well as species from more distant waters.
Continue through the tanks until you reach the contact area. Here, you’ll have a rare opportunity to interact with the animals in a controlled environment. Feed turtles by hand, stroke a giant manta ray and receive a cheeky kiss from the resident sea lion. This is an excellent educational experience, with helpful staff on hand to answer questions.
The Interactive Museum is well known for its shark enclosure. Here, you’ll have the opportunity to get in the water as tiger sharks and bull sharks swim just feet away. Snorkels and masks are provided, but be sure to bring your swimming gear. End your day at the aquarium with a visit to the dolphin pool. A daily dolphin show is offered in the afternoon, and swimming with the creatures is possible for a fee. Be pushed through the water by the playful animals, as you learn about how they live in the wild.
Cancun’s Interactive Aquarium is located in the center of the hotel precinct and can be reached on foot from many hotels and resorts. It is serviced by bus and taxi, and there is some paid parking available in the hotel precinct. The aquarium is open daily, and an admission fee applies. You have to pay extra to dive in with the marine creatures and pre-bookings are recommended.

The El Meco archaeological site

EL Meco is a site that stands on its own even though it is not the largest of sites. It is located just north of the centre of Cancun which makes it easy to visit even though many people skip it for seeing other places. For less than $4 USD you can see these ruins. These ruins are also very close to Cancun in comparison to the 2 1/2 hour trip to other ruins deep in the Yucatan Peninsula.


About: El Meco was perhaps first inhabited in the 3rd. century and then abandoned for. It was being repopulated around the 11th Century. This site no doubt had a deep connection to Isla Mujeres and was an important port. From the top of the Castillo structure you can get an impressive view of the surrounding area. This was the tallest structure in the area and could have been an important control point to survey incoming ships. The principal structure is 12.5 meters high (41 ft.). El Meco is bigger than the two site on the hotel zone.
Directions: Drive North out of Cancun on Avenida Lopez Portillo also known as the Cancun-Puerto Juarez road. The site is located at Km.27. The ruins are just off the road on the left. There is a small parking lot. There is good signage. You can take from the centre of Cancun a public bus to Puerto Juarez (Isla Mujeres ferry harbour) and then further to Punta Sam. Taking a taxi is possible as well.

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